InspectorCEDEX is a mobile app for shipping container repair estimates.

It allows container repair estimates to be inputted quickly and easily, even without an internet connection.

Select from short picklists to identify Component, Damage and Repair. No need to look up or remember all the ISO CEDEX Codes.
The app will take you through the inspection coding process step by step, ensuring that the codes are correct, to create an estimate document that is sent to your customers.

Photograph damages to the container as you go, and the photographs are automatically added to the estimate and individual repairs.
No need to spend time on sizing, downloading, storing, and cataloguing photographs.

Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Other languages can be added on request.

Download the app directly onto your Android device from our download page and try for free.

Repair Estimates

Simplify container repair estimates by using the InspectorCEDEX mobile app.

Estimates can be inputted quickly and easily by the Inspector as they inspect the container.
The inspection can be carried out where ever the container is, even without an internet connection.
You don’t need to be concerned about mobile phone or wireless connectivity.
Internet connection is only required to either share data with other users or send estimates.

Estimates are fully coded using ISO CEDEX codes.
The app takes the inspector through the inspection process step by step, picking the correct code from short lists, and ensuring that the code is correct.

Damage can be photographed at the same time. Photographs are automatically labelled, sized and added to the estimate.
No additional work managing photographs is required.

Inspectors can price repairs themselves or use pre-loaded tariffs of labour hours and material costs.
Tariffs will automatically price each repair ensuring that prices are always correct and consistent.

Automatically create professional estimates which can be sent without delay from the app to your customers, whether they are a shipping line or leasing company. Both the Lessor and Lessee can be set to receive estimates.
Copies of every estimate are also sent to your company email address to enable them to be organised and filed in your email. Estimates can also be sent as EDI WESTIM messages to your customers.

Save time and effort, and streamline your estimating processes.


InspectorCEDEX can also send ISO 9897 WESTIM EDI messages directly to your customers. Every customer has their own EDI requirements and we tailor your ISO 9897 messages to your customer’s requirements. Please contact us with your EDI customer’s details, and we will set up the EDI links and messages to automate the whole EDI process.


We are a UK based company specialising in creating mobile apps for container repair depots, container surveyors, shipping lines and container leasing companies.
With many years of experience, writing apps for the shipping container industry we understand the needs of our customers facing increasing IT and EDI demands.
Our aim is to simplify and ease the business processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

If you have a need for mobile apps in your operations, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

We are an outward looking company and welcome worldwide enquiries. We are always happy to discuss any problems you may face, offer solutions, and assist in any way we can. We fully support our customers and assist them throughout the implementation and use of our apps.